About Us


Why Shop at Siebas?
  Siebas is an online store with a focus on beauty, fragrances, accessories, apparel, and anything that magnifies your beauty. We strive in having a quality customer focus approach with exceptional service and products, all at an affordable price. With automatic year-round discounts, bulk buy savings, and an ever increasing selection of items along with free shipping, Siebas is your truly best neighborhood e-store. Where thousands of products for both men and woman are always on sale, delivery is faster than an olympic snail, so trust us with your shopping needs and be mmart by gaining confidence in yourself.
When it comes to beauty, fragrances, etc. , shop smart-
  Siebas is the right place to be smart about shopping for all your needs. This is where beauty and confidence meet, our vision is focused on the highest of quality. Therefore, being only an online store we don't carry the overhead fees as your traditional brick & mortar ones do. This allows us to pass on the savings to you and to introduce innovative ways of additional savings too.
 Our price slashing program can vouch for our statement, as automatic discounts depending on the amount of products in your shopping cart are instantly awarded during checkout to you. Even 1 item gets a small discount but the more you buy, the more of a discount you can get. We offer this to award the savvy shopper and differ from other stores that don't award for buying more.
 Well, the power of the mouse click and scrolls is all yours, so it is up to you to confidently trust us for all your beauty, fragrances, accessories, apparel, and all your shopping needs. Remember, Siebas is where beauty and confidence meet.

  100 % Authenticity is what we swear by:
Imagine a world, where people sprayed on cologne/perfume, only to smell like the literal "réal de toilette" ( our translation: real toilet water), that is so Ewww! We don't want to smell like that, then why should you? Trust us, our products are 100 % authentic and we clean the "Ewww" into it makes "Eau de Toilette". Originality is everything in a every field of study and life, that is why we started Siebas to be customer focused and quality driven. 
  Family oriented: 
 We have all the products that everyone in your household, immediate family, friends, etc. will need. Whether it is for gift giving or in rewarding yourself, Siebas is the ultimate online stop in beauty care items, etc. for men, women, children, and home. Let us take the extra load from you and allow to be beautiful, not broke.